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Technical Requirement

  1. This test must be conducted on PC, tablet or Laptop. Mobile phone is NOT allowed due to very bad text readability.
  2. This test must be conducted on Updated Google Chrome Browser. Click here to download the browser. We have detected some issue in other browsers.
  3. Make sure you have good internet quality. Check your internet speed below
    This test is NOT recommended if the latency is more than 500 ms.
  4. During the sepaking section, this test involves recording using the microphone. Therefore, make sure you give access to the microphone. Click here to see how. Try doing the following speaking test DEMO.
  5. During the listening section, you will have to click THE PICTURE displayed in the beginning of each set to listen to the audia. Try clicking the following picture and check whether you can hear any sound.

    Click the image to listen to the audio